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Struggling to find right photography equipment for you? If you are looking for a digital camera, start by reading my photography equipment for beginners guide (it covers everything you need). If you only need to improve smartphone camera, check out point and shoot cameras article or guide to picking best instant camera to have fun printing your selfies.

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Do you have a question about specific photography technique or equipment question? Submit your question and I'll do my best to answer it as soon as I can.

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Photography tutorials for all knowledge levels. Not sure where to start? Read the ultimate guide to shutter speed first or browse all tutorials by clicking the button below.

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Best photography tutorials from beginner to intermediate

Best Camera Settings for Portraits

There is a big number of different genres of photography. One of the most common type and the one that is most famous is portrait photography. All of us at some point in our lives needed a portrait photo. Also, as a photographer there is not way you can avoid that well-known question “ Can […]


What Are The Shooting Modes in Photography?

In the beginning, a lot of things about photography can be confusing and the confusion usually starts with shooting modes if you don’t know how and when to use them. It is really important for you as a photographer, amateur or pro, to understand all of six main shooting modes because they help you control […]

what is aperture in photography

Understanding Aperture in Photography

If you are a proud owner of an advanced camera, the one term you should be familiar with is aperture. As one of the factors that create an exposure (link to article about exposure triangle), aperture makes a big difference in the way your photos turn out, so it’s very important to be understood and controlled […]

exposure triangle explained

Exposure Triangle Explained

Have you ever taken a photo of something (or someone) and you just didn’t like something about it, but you didn’t know how to fix it? Understanding exposure triangle might help you with that. Exposure triangle is the foundation of photography. Once you get how the exposure triangle works, you will be able to get great […]


How to Shoot Star Trails – Step by Step Guide

One of the best parts of being a photographer is stretching the limits of creativity and creating images that transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Chances are, you’ve seen photographs of “star trails” floating around the internet. Ever wonder how photographers achieve that magical effect? By learning to use your camera’s settings to the fullest, […]

Photography Gear Buyer's Guides

Camera bodies, lenses, tripods & accessories
Best Lens for Nikon D5300

Best Lens for Nikon D5300

This is a 24.2 megapixel DSLR camera with fantastic sensor, built-in Wi-Fi and GPS and no optical low-pass filter that can record Full HD movies at 1080/50/60p with stereo sound. It provides excellent image quality similar to some more expensive DSLR cameras. Although it is mostly made of plastic, this is a solid and well-constructed […]


Best Professional Camera (Full Frame DSLRs)

Are you looking for a new professional camera to buy in 2017? Picking a camera use to be easy, it all depended on how much money you had to spend. Now, with the same money amount you can buy a wide variety of cameras. And sometimes, choices you have are overwhelming. You have to take […]


5 Best Lenses for Sony A6300

Which lenses are the top picks for Sony’s highly rated upgrade – A6300? Sony’s recent addition to their camera range, the A6300, marked a significant improvement on its predecessor, the A6000. With a sturdier construction, improved autofocus capabilities and a vastly enhanced 4K video capacity the A6300 has earned some great reviews. One downside to […]


Which Lenses Are The Best For Nikon D7100?

The D7100 Deserves A Good Lens – Which To Choose? Although not a new camera, the Nikon D7100 has always ranked as one of the best cameras around for the high-level enthusiast or even semi-professional, serious photographer.  In the four years or so since its release onto the market, this remains a serious piece of […]


Nikon D3200 vs Canon T5 – Comparison & Review

This  guide that will help you make a choice between Nikon D3200 and Canon Eos Rebel T5. 1. Nikon D3200 Overview Entry-level DSLR, Nikon D3200 is a solid performer that gives you good, detailed images in both RAW and JPEG modes. It comes with the highest pixel count in its class and has the great image […]

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