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what is aperture in photography

Understanding Aperture in Photography

If you are a proud owner of an advanced camera, the one term you should be familiar with is aperture. As one of the factors that create an exposure (link to article about exposure triangle), aperture makes a big difference in the way your photos turn out, so it’s very important to be understood and controlled […]

exposure triangle explained

Exposure Triangle Explained

Have you ever taken a photo of something (or someone) and you just didn’t like something about it, but you didn’t know how to fix it? Understanding exposure triangle might help you with that. Exposure triangle is the foundation of photography. Once you get how the exposure triangle works, you will be able to get great […]


How to Shoot Star Trails – Step by Step Guide

One of the best parts of being a photographer is stretching the limits of creativity and creating images that transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Chances are, you’ve seen photographs of “star trails” floating around the internet. Ever wonder how photographers achieve that magical effect? By learning to use your camera’s settings to the fullest, […]


The Ultimate Guide to Shutter Speed in Photography

Today’s cameras are equipped with a mind-boggling amount of features to allow you full creative control over your photography. While the multitudes of fancy switches and dials can seem overwhelming to a new photographer, the reality is there are three main features you need to be concerned with: shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. Mastering these […]

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Camera bodies, lenses, tripods & accessories
phone printers

Best Phone Printer to Buy in 2017

Phone Printer Reviews Can you imagine taking a picture with your smartphone camera and then print it in minutes? (and still produce great quality prints without the need of Polaroid camera). You can do that with camera phone printers. In this article, I’ve reviewed the best phone printers you can buy in 2017. 1. Kodak […]

chelsea lothrop

Chelsea Lothrop

Photographer & Author

Hi, I'm a New England-based photographer specializing in equine, pet, and portraiture photography. In addition to pet photography, I like photographing families and children. When I'm not behind the camera or on a horse, I can be found snuggled up with my pup and a good book, or writing a photography article.